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3 Simple Steps to smarter spending

There are just 3 simple steps to setting up a great spending process that works for everyone at your company.

1. Sign up your company and load funds to your Xpensme wallet from your existing bank account, POLI or via credit card

2. Invite and set customisable spending limits for team members

3. Get your talent to download the Xpensme mobile app to capture and code receipts

Getting Started


Sign up and load funds for spending


Invite team members and set customisable limits


Download the Xpensme app to capture and code receipts
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Why finance teams love Xpensme

Xpensme can help organisations save money while unlocking time-savings. After all, time is money. Time is better to work. Time is empowerment to employees.

  • An image uploaded to StrapiSet Customisable Limits

    Finance teams stay in control of team member spending by setting a monthly spending limit and maximum transaction value for xpensme card holders.

  • An image uploaded to StrapiReal Time Visibility & Control

    Easily monitor spending across all team members in real time 24/7 to ensure visibility and transparency

  • An image uploaded to StrapiExport & Integration with Accounting Software

    Xpensme transactions can be exported to your accounting software.

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Android & iOS application

  • An image uploaded to StrapiRequest Limit Increase

    Your team members can request a limit increase via the mobile app with the designated administrator able to approve or disprove also from the app.

  • An image uploaded to StrapiCheck Available Limit

    Each subscriber can check their individual available balance for spending.

  • An image uploaded to StrapiReceipt Capture

    Receipt capture using the subscribers mobile phone camera enable receipts to be captured and coded helping to overcome pesky lost receipts and manual processes.

Get Started

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