Xpensme Is in Beta!

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Xpensme, the innovative company that aims to take expense management from the dark ages into the modern, digital world, is proud to announce that our beta platform is now available.

The product team at Xpensme has been working hard to make a product that solves common pain points and inefficiencies associated with expense management in the business world.

Some of the benefits of this new system include:

  1. Much less manual work for employees.

  2. Expenses are categorized automatically.

  3. The workflow is smooth and simple, meaning no more paper receipts or complicated excel spreadsheets, just quality data.

  4. Employees will finally have a way to view all of their expenses in one place.

Takeaway: Xpensme is officially in beta mode. If you like what you see join us for a test drive.

While you're here, find us on LinkedIn and follow along for further updates from Xpensme.

“My team spend less time messing about with expense forms and receipts, making accurate claims for their expenses or sending in receipts.”

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